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For the Girls pink windchimes were created to benefit breast cancer charities. We’ve partnered with the the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Joy to Life Foundation, two organizations serving women with and at risk of breast cancer.

About For the Girls

Inspired by lived experiences, For the Girls was created to promote breast cancer awareness and research toward eradicating this destructive disease and saving lives.

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Shop our selection of beautiful, made in the USA, For the Girls windchimes. We donate 50% of all For the Girls pink windchime sales to our research & awareness partner organizations.

Cancer Resources

Know someone in the fight, or just want to stay informed? Use these life-saving resources to minimize your risk of breast cancer or help someone in dire need.

Donate directly to organizations fighting breast cancer!

Want to do more? Feel free to send direct donations to our beneficiaries, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Joy to Life Foundation. Every dollar can make a difference in someone’s life.

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