Life comes with all kinds of unforgettable moments, some that are very hard to bear.

However, when the time drew near for the Great North American Eclipse on April 8 of 2024, we knew that was an unforgettable moment not to be missed, and we wanted to share it with everyone.

So we asked you — our wind chime fan community — to share your unforgettable moments with us.

The stories we received gave us so much inspiration and encouragement. Each story always seemed to bend towards hope, no matter what.

We know this For the Girls community has moments that you’d rather forget involving breast cancer. So, we hope these stories encourage you to keep going, in spite of what you’re facing. May each story remind you of a moment when time stood still for you in the most wonderful way.

Our contest winner was Lari from Pennsylvania, and here is her winning “Unforgettable Moment”:

In 2011, my husband–the last person you would expect–without warning took his life. I was devastated, inconsolable…I begged God to let me feel my husband’s presence. In the past when I was faced with a death, I always looked for a rainbow and felt close to that person when I saw one. I begged God please show me a rainbow…Rain, sun, no rainbow…I felt the loss deeper…I questioned why no signs…


One month after my husband’s passing, I brought my sons together–the first time since their father’s passing. Overwhelmed with emotion, I went outside on the porch and there was the biggest, brightest, most beautiful rainbow across the entire sky. I stood there in awe, thanking God for this moment…As my sons gathered on the porch to witness this also, I gave them each a check…it was then I realized that each check I had for years, had a Care Bear on it…4 different Care Bears but all with a rainbow…this was my unforgettable moment…

Cheryl from Colorado shared this “Unforgettable Moment”:

Two years ago, just before Thanksgiving, I had planned a sunrise hike with a few women. Near the beginning of the hike is a perfect spot to see the sunrise. I wanted to share a Native American gratitude prayer. Only one friend showed up.

We got to the sunrise spot, I shared the prayer, and we sat in silence for a few moments. We both happened to look up into the sky at the same time and there was a bald eagle circling over us (a not-too-common occurrence here!) We were both in awe and agreed that it was a very special symbol indeed. Today we are extremely close as friends and continue to share unforgettable moments.

Beth from Michigan shared this “Unforgettable Moment”

My car was t-boned by a conversion van. When my car slid to a stop, the conversion van was resting on the passenger’s side of my car. I was in the driver’s seat. The airbag deployed and it damaged my face.

“Eclipse” is a very good word to describe a moment like that. Everything faded from importance. “What is going to happen to me? Am I going to lose my eye? Am I going to look like a monster forever?”

As I climbed out of my crumpled car and laid down in the grass at the side of the road, I tried to collect myself. All of a sudden, a woman was lying down in the grass next to me with cloths for my face. I remember telling her that she was getting my blood all over her, and she said that she didn’t care.

She showed up so quickly on the scene that I asked her if she saw the accident happen. I have never forgotten her reply. She said, “No. I’m just passing by.” When the ambulance arrived, she told me that she would be leaving. Then she was gone. Just like that. My mom contacted news stations and newspapers who ran the story and said that our family was looking for her so that we could thank her, but we never did find her.

Thankfully, there were no broken bones in my face. My raw skin would heal with medical care and time, and the cut that ran across my chest and up to the side of my neck would also heal. My eye was a different story.

Once the bleeding stopped [after a long time of waiting], the doctor was able to see my retina more clearly. I’ll never forget the appointment when he looked at me and said, “There is scar tissue that has formed on the tear of your retina. It has pulled the tear of your retina back together and sealed the tear. Your retina is stronger now with the scar tissue that it’s ever been.”

Since then, my vision has been completely restored.

Each of my four children has asked me at one time or another over the years if my scars bother me or make me self-conscious. My answer always has and always will be a resounding ‘no’. Those scars are a reminder of the miracles that happen during an eclipse. They are a reminder of the beauty and frailty of this life.

It is in the darkness that we find the miracles. I don’t know if the lady who stopped to help me was an angel or not, but it doesn’t matter. She was sent to me by God to tell me that He was very aware of what was going on in my life and that it was going to be okay.

It is the darkness that makes us appreciate the light. What we must learn to do during those eclipses is to find the beauty of our song; our harmony. It is only then that we can share our song and bring comfort to others in their eclipse.

Jason from Texas shared this “Unforgettable Moment”

Snow in south Texas is unlikely and to have it on Christmas Eve defies any odds. But it happened one unforgettable evening in 2004.

The night began with all the trimmings and festivities. The family had gathered around the Christmas tree, warm and snug in my in-law’s home.
It would be late in the evening when the first flakes began to fall, an occurrence that stirred a youthful excitement in everyone. As the light faded that evening, the snow continued and no one wanted to go indoors for fear that the flurries would vanish.
By morning, a foot of the white powder was covering the lawn — a scene for us more magical than anything penned by Robert Louis Stevenson. Time stopped that Christmas morning.
We scampered like children through fields for hours, our boots wet but our spirits flowing with excitement. My wife made her first snow angel. We threw snowballs. I was 30 or so then but I felt like a child, literally on Christmas morning with a gift I never could have imagined receiving.
We still dream of that morning whenever the weatherman excitedly predicts the possibility of a few flakes. Maybe. Just maybe, it will happen again.

Cheryl from Arkansas shared this “Unforgettable Moment”

After 17 years of marriage, being told I would never have children, I went to the hospital with stomach cramps, at 2am, finding out that I was about to deliver a baby. I had no idea I was pregnant!

My precious son was born 2 weeks late, quit breathing twice, and spent 3 weeks in the NICU. He has Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and is a spastic quadriplegic. He is a gift from God above, my constant companion, outdoor-loving man!

Sarah from Oklahoma shared this “Unforgettable Moment”:

When my husband and I got married, our honeymoon was road tripping through the Colorado mountains. Being mostly untraveled young adults from the plains of Oklahoma we’d never seen mountains in person before. We were due to arrive in Manitou Springs, just west of Colorado Springs, one mid-morning in early October.

We were taking the long way around, driving through the night, planning to stop in Westcliffe and drive Highway 69 along the famous and breathtaking Sangre de Cristo Mountains. We were making better time than we’d anticipated and arrived at the point in our journey that would put us at the feet of the magnificent peaks while it was still very early morning and dark. The sun would soon rise to claim the morning, but had not done so yet.
We spread blankets over the hood of the car, grabbed a couple of sandwiches and pops and snuggled up to have a bite and watch the sunrise. We couldn’t have known we picked the perfect spot.
Soon, the sun began to bounce a pinkish red spark off of a snow-topped peak, and as the minutes went by it continued to spread its light slowly and magnificently across the neighboring snowy peaks revealing a glittery and awe-inspiring grandeur the likes of which neither of us had ever seen.
We were closer to the famous mountains than we’d realized in the darkness of the very early morning. It was like watching a painting or the world itself coming to life before our very eyes. It was magnificent. It was breathtaking. It was truly – unforgettable.

Elizabeth from Connecticut shared this “Unforgettable Moment” 

It was our team’s last game. My coach put me on third base instead of left field. I was extremely nervous. It was the bottom half of the game and bases were loaded. Our team was down by 2. A ground ball came towards me, I fumbled to grab it and ran towards third. As I approached third base, a player slid into third, knocking me down before I could tag him out. The ball was also knocked out of my hand and flew behind me at least 3 feet. I got up as quick as I could, grabbed the ball and ran back to third base.
The game ended and we lost. I was so embarrassed and disappointed in myself even though I knew I did my best. I looked over to my Dad and he was standing by the fence, smiling at me and cheering me on. For a brief moment, time stood still. The commotion in the background became muffled, I no longer felt disappointed and embarrassed. Nothing else mattered in that moment except for my Dad being there, smiling and cheering me on.

Troy from Ohio shared this “Unforgettable Moment”

An unforgettable moment for me was when my wife and I learned that we were going to be parents for the first time. We were married for five years with no expectations of having children at that time. Of course, to quote Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, “Life, uh, finds a way”.
There staring back at us was the plus sign. Positive.
While it’s possible to describe the scene, the emotional aspect of it is nearly impossible. Joy, fear, sadness, excitement, anxiety, nausea, a whirlwind of so many mixed emotions that can never be described in enough words. The thought of bringing a new life into the world and that you’re responsible for it. Wow. It’s a moment that can only be felt. A feeling that has never been duplicated.
When learning of my next son, some of the emotions were the same, but there were new feelings that didn’t occur the first time. Fear and nausea had been replaced with confidence. Sadness had grown into joy because we were expanding our family. Anxiety, well who doesn’t feel a bit anxious when having a baby?
My boys are now 30, and 27, and my wife and I will be celebrating our 35th anniversary in July. We’ve been fortunate enough to have many unforgettable moments together as a family…None will ever duplicate the moment that I discovered that I was to become a father for the first time.