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Facts About Remission

March 1, 2020

If you’re no longer seeing the signs or feeling the symptoms of your cancer, you may be in remission. But it’s important to note that remission, according to the National

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Genetic Testing & Breast Cancer

February 11, 2020

Source: National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Cancer is a family affair. If you’ve been diagnosed yourself, it’s possible that a loved one could have a higher potential for similar complications.

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Breast Cancer Early Detection

January 2, 2020

It’s a new year at For The Girls, and we want to kick things off by simply reminding everyone that there’s no better time than now to start your annual

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For the Girls: For the

December 5, 2019

Our specially made pink chimes are meant to serve as a reminder of your ongoing support for breast cancer awareness and research. QMT Windchimes donates a portion of all proceeds from

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Breast Cancer Risk Factors

November 12, 2019

There are several factors that may increase your risk of breast cancer. Some of these can be controlled while others can’t. Here are 5 risks from Susan G. Komen:  

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Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

October 23, 2019

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to discuss ways to support breast cancer awareness. The most common ways to get involved are: Make a donation Donations can

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Breast Cancer Screening FAQs

September 17, 2019

Breast cancer screenings don’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming- Here are some frequently asked questions (and answers) that may help!   When should you start screening for breast cancer?

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Types of Breast Cancer

August 19, 2019

So far this summer we have looked at the history of breast cancer and advancements in treatments. This month, we are taking a look at the different types of breast

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Advances in Breast Cancer Research

July 10, 2019

Recently, we looked at the history of breast cancer- But what about current advancements in research? According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), there are several advancements we’re making now

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The History of Breast Cancer

June 12, 2019

When you see the words breast cancer, you may think of a loved one, the symbolic pink ribbon, chemotherapy and radiation treatments – the list goes on. But do you