When it comes to finding safe, verifiable information on breast cancer using the Internet, it can be hard to know where to even begin! Below is a list of websites to help you learn about breast cancer and minimizing your risk, research treatment and support programs, and get involved!

In addition to containing helpful information for patients and survivors, this website also focuses on providing help for caregivers, family, and friends. If you are a patient, find information on clinical trials, booklets on financial and legal topics for people living with cancer, and information on local transportation and lodging for those who have to travel for treatments. If you are a caregiver, family member, or friend, this website provides a guide of things you should know for giving good care at home. Additionally, check out the resources to find support groups (in person, telephone, or online) for patients, caregivers, and survivors.

One of the most comprehensive websites on breast cancer, this website has you covered every step of the journey. Start by checking out the statistics on breast cancer, as well as the information on different types of breast cancer and other types of cancer that can occur in the breast. Find information on breast cancer screening and genetic testing, and use their Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool. You can also use this site to research treatment guidelines and options, including chemotherapy and hormone therapy drugs, and discover hints for living with cancer, including details such as how to keep your appetite up. Finally, this website can be used for survivors to figure out the best way to support the cause at the national level.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s resource page includes links about all types of cancer, the relationship between ovarian cancer and breast cancer, information for families with inherited pre-disposition to breast cancer, resources for survivors, and general information on healthy living for women.

See Resources: https://www.bcrf.org/breast-cancer-resources-0

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) provides information on product safety and drug information in terms of lowering your risk for breast cancer. It also provides information on the drugs used to treat breast cancer (including scam treatments), integrative and complementary therapies during treatment, and hormone therapies after treatment has stopped. You can also use this website to find a list of mammography centers approved by the FDA.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure has a resource page that includes links on everything from preventative care and early detection, to through post-treatment concerns and options, and everything in-between.

See Resources: http://ww5.komen.org/BreastCancer/InternetResources.html