No matter what you think of Valentine’s Day, there’s no doubt that February brings an increased focus on love in all its forms!

Why not let this month be a reminder and an opportunity to communicate love to someone you care about? Whether it’s an old-fashioned card or phone call, or something more hi-tech, you can never go wrong by letting someone know you care about them.

In our digital world, it can be easy to overlook the joy of receiving a handwritten note. But the world has never needed these embodied, physical reminders more. You don’t have to buy an expensive card, but taking the time to really think about the person, why you appreciate them, and then telling them in writing or over the phone, can be worth its weight in gold.

Especially for those who’ve had to put their life and plans on hold due to illnesses like breast cancer, a written reminder from you that they’re thought of with care and compassion can be such a welcome message. Many people with health problems can’t accept chocolate or other edible gifts, so a card or a call could brighten their day. Don’t sweat the particulars; just do it! I love you or thinking of you is enough.

And, if you’re looking to send more than a Valentine note, a For the Girls pink wind chime brings soothing, healing music to someone who may be struggling with health issues. Plus, 50% of all For the Girls online sales are donated to charities committed to eradicating and alleviating the pain of breast cancer.

We want our loved ones to know how much we care. And, the community of people impacted by breast cancer are definitely in our hearts this Valentine’s Day–you are loved!