At Wind River, we know that it’s the small, simple things in life that can bring a moment of hope in the midst of a challenging part of life’s journey. That’s why we created For the Girls pink wind chimes — as a small, simple symbol of hope, and a reminder that beauty exists regardless, and possibly in spite of, pain.

We believe that these small sources of hope have the power to sustain us in those especially hard or painful moments when it’s hard to see how things will get better. While we all fight and pray for big improvements in cancer treatment and outcomes, we need daily reminders that delight and hope are still possible, even when life isn’t what we hoped it would be.

With the arrival of spring, there’s no better time to see the possibilities — in a patch of  daffodils and the warmth of the sun. If you or your loved one are able to get outside into the spring air, that can bring refreshment to a weary soul. If not, just opening a window to hear the sound of birds or a For the Girls wind chime can inspire a boost in one’s perspective, helping to see beyond the present struggle.

Give yourself or a loved one permission to delight in anything, even if it’s the silliest, most “meaningless” thing. A beautiful day or a peaceful, healing sound may not solve the world’s problems, but it might just carry you to the next moment. And, sometimes that’s all anyone needs.