Choosing the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one can sometimes be difficult – especially if they’ve been suffering.

But for friends and loved ones who are battling breast cancer, a perfect gift may be a lot simpler. It may be one more day with family, another moment free of pain, or just the hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We can give some of those gifts to the brave women battling this disease. We can give our time and our support and our prayers and do whatever we can to lift the burden of breast cancer just a little bit.

That’s part of the mission of our For the Girls®pink wind chimes. These specially made pink chimes are meant to serve as a reminder of your ongoing support for breast cancer awareness and research. Wind River Chimes donates 50% of all proceeds from these wind chimes to our partner organizations, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Joy to Life Foundation, along with other nonprofit organizations seeking a cure or promoting awareness of breast cancer research.

Through their tireless work, we can someday give the people fighting this disease the ultimate Christmas gift: a future free of cancer.

Meanwhile, this holiday season, may the mellow tones of these beautiful chimes ring solace for those remembering loved ones. May the soothing resonance bring hope and encouragement for those fighting the battle, and may the bright melodies sing a victory song to survivors!