Thirteen years ago, my life changed when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This disease doesn’t only cause disruption to the person who has the cancer, but also to those in their support group. Of course, when someone is diagnosed it is a shock to everyone and you go through stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. It is the last stage that you see the healing power to get you through whatever comes your way in life.

During my acceptance phase, I wanted to do something to honor my mom and so many others that are affected by breast cancer. One of the things my mom said was that her wind chimes were a soothing sound as she was recovering. Since I have the distinct honor of being a part of QMT Windchimes and we are always looking for creative ways to give back to our communities, I had our For the Girls wind chimes created. Similar to the story behind why the wind chimes, there is a story of why the name.

Another family member of ours, who also had breast cancer, had a celebration prior to her surgery. I thought this was a great idea and a way to connect with her support group. They called the party “For the Girls” and everything was showered in shades of pink. This is the idea behind the name of the chimes.

The chimes are to honor those who have had breast cancer. They can be a thank you to those who supported someone with breast cancer and are a great gift for those that just love the color pink. With the sale of every chime, QMT Windchimes gives up to 50 percent of sales to charities that support breast cancer awareness, research and the patients it affects.

If you wish to purchase the chimes for a loved one, please visit our website.

May you all have a blessed day,