Breast cancer is still the most common cancer in the world. The fight isn’t over, so this October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, do something for the cause by doing just one thing for someone you know affected by breast cancer.

While there are plenty of big things one can do–organizing fundraising events; breast cancer walks; donating substantially–there is so much meaning in doing just one thing for somebody else.

Because 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in their life, odds are you know someone who has been affected by it, having battled it themselves or having shared that burden with a loved one. Call to mind these people and choose one person to encourage.

Think about their needs and affinities, and get specific! Maybe they’d appreciate something small, like a cheery card in the mail. Maybe life is busy for them and bringing over a home-cooked meal would make them feel loved. From a phone call to an act of service/kindness, there are so many ways you could let this person know their struggle isn’t/wasn’t unnoticed, and their strength and resilience is deeply respected.

If they are a gift-person, a For the Girls® pink wind chime is the perfect gift because it adds harmony and beauty to any space, and 50% of all sales are donated to breast cancer fighting research and organizations.

In the end, remember that you could inspire someone profoundly this October, so why not go a little out of your way to do that? Hold them in your heart, think about what they like, and then act. The world needs more people who are willing to do small things because they add up and make a big difference.