Having cancer, and caregiving for someone who has cancer, are very different struggles, but both are difficult and demanding.

This month gives us the unique opportunity to amplify the needs and particular struggles of those who provide care for people battling breast cancer. Depending on the stage and severity, caregiving looks different for everyone. There are times when it is easier, and other times when maintaining boundaries and balance seems almost impossible.

There are seasons for all-hands-on-deck kind of care, but it’s important to acknowledge that being in such a demanding role isn’t sustainable. Compassion fatigue is a legitimate condition, so it’s important for caregivers to find outlets for rest, recovery, and renewal in the midst of their work.

Ultimately, caregiving is really hard work, but there is so much dignity in it. If you know someone providing care, remind them how valued they are and look for ways, even if little, to bring joy and comfort.

If you’re a caregiver, remind yourself how important you are! Finding ways to support yourself may seem daunting, but the first and most important step is the admission that you need help and will continue to throughout this process. Stay honest, use your voice, and help will find you.

For more resources, visit Caregiver Action Network for their Caregiver Toolbox. To find out more about support programs, visit this page for a list of caregiver resources.

If you know someone providing care to a loved one with breast cancer, consider giving them a For the Girls® pink wind chime. 50% of all sales go to breast cancer research. These beautiful wind chimes will inspire harmony and invite a rhythm of rest within their rigorous lifestyle.