For The Girls Supporting the Cause is devoted to promoting breast cancer awareness, research, treatment and preventative care. For the Girls pink wind chimes are made to last as a constant reminder of your support.

Although our For The Girls wind chimes are made to honor those who have had breast cancer, they can also be a thank you to those who have supported someone with breast cancer. They also make a great gift for those that just love the color pink!

Through these chimes, we celebrate womanhood and our support for one another. It’s important to celebrate the women that we have in our lives, as they all play their own role. They are grandmothers, mothers, daughters, aunts and nieces.

To us, celebrating womanhood means supporting the cause, providing basic information on breast cancer, displaying products that benefit the cause and are available for purchase and connecting to other organizations that are seeking a cure and to raise awareness for breast cancer.

What does celebrating womanhood mean to you?

Have a blessed day,