It can be difficult to know how to support our loved ones who are suffering, especially around the holidays. Avoiding the awkward, we end up avoiding the person, and the emphasis on gift-giving and being busy can lead us to forget the greatest gift of all: being together.

Now more than ever, as we emerge from the pandemic, we may stumble as we return to sharing space with our family and friends again. But, we have to remember our stumbling is shared, that it is a part of being human. The word compassion actually means to suffer with, so it is when we honestly engage with another’s story that we truly support them.

May that truth lead you this holiday season to give of your resources in ways that elevate another’s humanity. We all have the ability to add beauty and presence to another’s story, no matter how dark.

If you are looking for something tangible to give the person in your life who is battling breast cancer, consider one of Wind River’s For The Girls pink wind chimes. They create a space where harmony and wholeness can be felt, because their rich tones are a reminder that hope is possible.

And, their pink color speaks to a greater effort to find a cure and end this terrible disease. Wind River donates 50% of all proceeds from these wind chimes to our partner organizations, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Joy to Life Foundation, along with other nonprofit organizations seeking a cure or promoting awareness of breast cancer research.

Wind River’s For the Girls wind chimes are gifts that don’t stay silent. Even when you can’t be present, these chimes continue to echo your love and encouragement.

However you decide to support your loved ones this Christmas, may it generate hope, may it ring with beauty, and may it be full of compassion.