Like so many things, important causes take on new meaning when they become personal. When a health challenge hits close to home, many of us find ourselves itching to do something for the people we love. We do this to connect to them, but also to connect with our community and others who may be struggling.

This is why For the Girls pink wind chimes were created. Since our launch, we have donated thousands of dollars to breast cancer research and awareness, all because someone reimagined how they could impact the world. That person was Wind River’s Vice President, Patty Baisden.

Years ago, Patty’s life changed when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After moving through the stages of grief, Patty began to experience healing, finding a new strength within her. This strength led her to think about how she could honor her mom and the many others that face this struggle.

As Patty took care of her mom during her recovery, she noticed how the sound of wind chimes soothed her Mom and provided a moment of calm. As the VP of a wind chime company, Patty knew wind chimes were the inspiration she was looking for, and the pink For the Girls wind chimes were born.

Wind River has always made generosity and communal awareness a key tenet of our mission, so Patty’s idea fit perfectly. And the name? Patty came up with that the same way she came up with the chimes: personal experience.

Another family member of hers, who also had breast cancer, had a celebration prior to her surgery. They called the party “For the Girls” and everything was showered in shades of pink. She thought the celebratory nature of the party name was both honoring and empathetic, just what she wanted these chimes to mean.

With the sale of every For the Girls pink chime, Wind River donates 50 percent of sales to charities that support breast cancer awareness, research and the patients it affects. The chimes create a space where hope can ring, both immediately to the listener and gradually to a future without breast cancer.

If you wish to encourage a loved one, please consider gifting a set of For the Girls pink chimes to someone who has been affected by breast cancer. The sound of these chimes is beautiful, and the impact of your gift will be too.