There are so many aspects that need to be covered when someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. When you think of having your life disrupted by any obstacle, coordination of normal activities can become difficult and not only strain, but also stress the ill person.

Over the years we have come across smaller local organizations that help the person in need with general day-to-day activities. Think back to a day when you were under the weather and still needed groceries for your family. Such an easy task on a normal day, but monumental when you are not 100 percent healthy.

Thanks to organizations like Joy to Life Foundation women can count on this network to have support group activities and help navigate this “new normal” with resources. Without many of these foundations, some women would not have been fortunate to survive the treatment. Joy to Life helps fund mammograms to underinsured women in their area.

Whereas, organizations like Women of Hope, partner with medical institutions to provide resources the moment someone is diagnosed by providing a pink bag of things needed as they go through the journey to recovery.

These organizations and others like them have great missions for the greater good of their communities. We applaud them at QMT Windchimes for their tiring work and the support of the patient, the survivor and the family and friends who support them.

If you would like to send a wind chime to someone special, we will donate the proceeds to a breast cancer charity to continue their mission for the greater good. For the Girls wind chimes are available at

May your day be showered with sunshine and pink.