Every year, thousands of people world-wide raise awareness and support for breast cancer by participating in walks and races. The images and stories from these events highlight the bravery and strength of those who have been affected by breast cancer. They also exemplify how incredible this community is, and how a common burden can cultivate a beautiful bond.

Now that spring is here, getting our steps in feels more doable, along with revisiting goals and making plans. So, with better weather as our inspiration, we wanted to encourage you to look ahead and consider participating in a walk for breast cancer this year. It’s a great way to support the cause, while supporting your health, too!

These events take place throughout the year, but many are held annually in October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To find a walk or a race near you, the Susan G. Komen website is an excellent resource. They even provide information for joining a Facebook group to find potential walking buddies and additional support.

Even if one of these events isn’t for you, we hope nature, and hopefully a good friend, will call you outside this spring. Fresh air is so good for us! And if you know someone who doesn’t have the option of walking, consider giving them a set of For The Girls pink wind chimes to share a beautiful breeze a little closer to home.

No matter how you walk, remember to keep walking together.