March brings both International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, so it’s the perfect reminder to celebrate women.

In fact, it’s because of some very special women that For the Girls wind chimes exist today. Just as invention is motivated by need, one woman’s inspiration came from another’s woman’s challenge. (Read a History of “For the Girls” Pink Chimes.)

The truth is, breast cancer is almost 100 times more likely to affect women. Thankfully, breast cancer deaths have declined by 40% since 1989. This feat is attributed to early detection, according to the American Cancer society. So now, what will it take to lower the death rate even more in the years to come?

Awareness is certainly crucial, but what comes first is engendering dignity into the female experience, such that taking the time for early detection is a given. And how can you participate in this mission? One way is by donating directly to charities that support breast cancer research and care.

Another way to show your support of women is by purchasing a set of For the Girls pink chimes. Wind River Chimes donates 50% of pink chime sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Joy to Life Foundation, along with other nonprofit organizations seeking a cure or promoting awareness of breast cancer.

Days like International Women’s Day remind us how important it is to recognize and celebrate the contributions of women in every arena of our world. This International Women’s Day, celebrate all that women bring to our world by raising awareness for breast cancer. You might just save a life in the process.