A breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming for the patient and their loved ones. The following information provides some helpful information for patients and those supporting them, including insights into what to expect, treatment options and more:

1)   5 Things Everyone Should Know About Breast Cancer: Yale School of Medicine highlights 5 things to know about breast cancer. This may be helpful in understanding breast cancer and who it affects, as well as warning signs.

2)   5 Things Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients Should Know: This article from MD Anderson provides quick advice to guide you through some of the big-picture logistics. The many details that accompany grief and big life changes can bog us down, so making sure you know which questions to ask and answer first is very important.

3)   Treating Breast Cancer: Susan G. Komen offers information on treatment options, your treatment plan, side effects and more. This website is an amazing resource that offers a lot of other important information to reference.

4)   Get Support: Sharing your story with someone who cares and understands makes a big impact. If you don’t know where to start, this organization connects newly diagnosed breast cancer patients to trained volunteers who have finished their breast cancer treatment. Additionally, Cancer Care facilitates online support groups led by professional oncology social workers

5)   Living as a Breast Cancer Survivor: The American Cancer Society explains what life is like as a breast cancer survivor. This includes the steps following having breast cancer and cancer concerns after treatment.

More information can be found on our Cancer Resources page.

And if you wish to encourage a loved one, please consider gifting a set of For the Girls pink chimes to someone who has been affected by breast cancer. The sound of these chimes is beautiful, and the proceeds support breast cancer research to help find a cure.