Recently, we looked at the history of breast cancer– But what about current advancements in research? According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), there are several advancements we’re making now to prevent, detect and treat breast cancer.

Mammograms, ultrasounds and clinical breast exams have all been used to detect breast cancer. A newer technology that has been increasingly available is the 3- D mammogram, which can help detect breast cancer at an earlier stage. NCI has been running trials to compare the number of advance cancers detected in women with 3D mammography to those of 2D mammography to see which is working better.

Options for breast cancer treatment are primarily radiation, surgery, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Research has allowed scientists to experiment with these treatments to make new ones to treat the subtypes of cancer – which we have discovered respond differently to each treatment option.

NCI and many other breast cancer organizations are continuing research programs to understand breast cancer and seek the best ways to treat it.

Knowing how far we still have to go, we created a wind chime collection, For the Girls, specifically to benefit breast cancer charities. You can shop these chimes and also look into additional resources we have for you to learn more about Breast Cancer.