So far this summer we have looked at the history of breast cancer and advancements in treatments. This month, we are taking a look at the different types of breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen does an awesome job of providing information on the types of tumors and breast cancer out there. Breast cancer is often referred to as one disease, however, tumors may be invasive or non-invasive, and the location can affect your prognosis as well.

Non-invasive breast cancer is still contained within the milk ducts of the breast and have not traveled to any other parts of the breast or body. Invasive breast cancer has spread from where it originally started into other parts of the body, sometimes spreading to the lymph nodes.

Other special forms of breast cancer include paget disease of the breast, metaplastic breast cancer and inflammatory breast cancer. The Susan G. Komen site explains each in depth.

Sometimes, other cancers can occur in the breast as well, like sarcomas (cancer of the soft tissues) and lymphomas (cancer of the lymph system). These are treated differently, as they do not start in the breast.

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